The Stoned Ape Theory

The Stoned Ape Theory was first introduced by Terence McKenna, suggesting human evolution was influenced by the consumption of magic mushrooms.

Beyond the Cap: Unveiling the Genetic Secrets of Magic Mushrooms

The Dawn of Designer Mushrooms: A Deeper Dive into Psychedelic Medicine's Future

How To Store Magic Mushrooms

Discover cost-effective methods to store your magic mushrooms and enhance their longevity, potency, and overall usefulness with our comprehensive guide.

The Dosing Guide To Magic Mushrooms

From micro dose to hero dose and everything in between. We discuss the average intake of shrooms and the effects you may experience at each level.

Tackling Taste: Creative Methods and Recipes for Enjoying Magic Mushrooms

Don't like how shrooms taste? Transform your experience with our taste-busting tips and deliciously inventive recipes as an alternatives to whole-dry.

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