Top Shrooms To Do This Summer

Summer is upon us whether you're just starting your journey or a seasoned psychonaught these 5 strains will make your summer of 2024 one to remember.

Ibogaine: The African Psychedelic

Ibogaine is a powerful anti-addictive psychedelic that is emerging onto the psychedelic scene and capturing the attention of the psychedelic community

White Rabbit Shroom Review

Potent & Energetic. Ready for a wild ride? Follow the White Rabbit - down the rabbit hole as we review one of the most potent strains we've tried yet.

Understanding The Ego-Death & Psychedelics

Many people who take psychedelic substances seek ego death. It’s considered the “holy grail” of the psychedelic experience.

The Sillyy Guide To Penis Envy

Magic Mushroom strains are never short of creative names. Penis Envy is one of the first named strains to reach notoriety. Get ready for a Sillyy story.


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Raspberry Shergert Gummies

Introducing our Raspberry Sherbert Infused Shroom Gummies, each containing a precise 100mg micro dose of premium quality magic mushrooms. Indulge in the delightful blend of raspberry and sherbet flavours

Albino Penis Envy

The Albino Penis Envy mushrooms also known as A.P.E are a potent mutation of the common Penis Envy mushrooms, which was named after it's resemblance to a penis.

Mazatapec Cubensis

Thousands of years ago the Aztecs used Cubensis in their rituals to contact spirits, celestial entities and there higher self. Our Mazatapec is an oath to those rituals.

Mazatapec Capsules

With our micro dose capsules we minimizes the psychedelic effects leaving you with a more uplifted mood and with a better state of mind.

Grape Gummies

For those with a picky taste buds these gummies will tantalize your taste buds while nourishing your mind, body and soul.

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