Understanding The Ego-Death & Psychedelics

Many people who take psychedelic substances seek ego death. It’s considered the “holy grail” of the psychedelic experience.

The Sillyy Guide To Penis Envy

Magic Mushroom strains are never short of creative names. Penis Envy is one of the first named strains to reach notoriety. Get ready for a Sillyy story.

How Psychedelics Helped Improved My Mental Health

My doctor may not like this but - I'm self medicating. Naturally of course. How my consistent consumption of psychedelics improved the world around me.

The Stoned Ape Theory

The Stoned Ape Theory was first introduced by Terence McKenna, suggesting human evolution was influenced by the consumption of magic mushrooms.

Beyond the Cap: Unveiling the Genetic Secrets of Magic Mushrooms

The Dawn of Designer Mushrooms: A Deeper Dive into Psychedelic Medicine's Future

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