How Lucid Gates Shrooms Gave Me An LSD-Like Trip lead image

How Lucid Gates Shrooms Gave Me An LSD-Like Trip

When you think your doing shrooms but the high hits like LSD. This is my journey on how Lucid Gates mushrooms made me feel like I was on Acid (LSD).
Sunday, March 17, 2024
Lucid Gates

Ok, so - story time! This is my recent adventure with the magic mushroom strain: Lucid Gates. Now, usually, when I dip into the psychedelic realm with Lucid Gates, I'm greeted with soul-touching experiences, uplifting vibes, and visuals that dance before my eyes like neon fireworks. But this time, things got a bit wild, like I was on LSD instead.

I was chilling in my room, all cozy with my cool lights and stuff, and I ate some Lucid Gate mushrooms. They tasted earthy, like nature or Organic as I would like to say - and soon I started feeling that tingly feeling I usually get. But this time, things got way trippier than usual.

Within minutes, I could feel the familiar tingling sensation creeping up my spine, accompanied by a sense of euphoria and wonder.

The visuals that unfolded before me were not just mesmerizing; they were mind-bending. Colours and shapes were dancing and changing in front of me, like a crazy light show. It felt like I was in a different world, where nothing was quite real.

Under the spell of Lucid Gates, I felt connected to everything. The world melted away, and I saw how we're all linked. Thoughts, feelings, and sensations blended in a cosmic dance. In that moment, I knew I wasn't alone but part of something bigger.  That is - I was a part of something far greater than myself. Time and space faded, and I felt at peace in the universe's embrace, part of its eternal beauty.

As I went deeper into my thoughts, I couldn't help thinking about my past trips with LSD. It felt like I was losing myself almost akin to ones ego death, but - not quite. There was also this self-finding, so to speak, a connection to and with everything around me, and the world felt incredibly beautiful and strange at the same time.

In the midst of all this craziness, I felt a sense of peace and understanding that grounded me. Lucid Gates had opened a door to a place where anything was possible, and I was swept up in the magic of it all.

The boundaries between reality and fantasy began to blur,

and I found myself diving deep into the cosmic ocean of my consciousness.

It was as if Lucid Gates had opened a portal to a realm where time and space were merely suggestions, and the true essence of my being was laid bare before me.

The introspective nature of the trip, the profound sense of connectedness with the universe, the hyper-visual trails or "streaks" as some may call it.

When the trip finally settled down what felt like minutes was actually hours. But,  I was finally back in my room, I couldn't believe the journey I had been on. Lucid Gates had shown me a side of myself and the world that I never knew existed, and it left me feeling amazed and grateful for the mysteries of life. 

Lucid Gates may have taken me on a wild ride this time, but the lessons learned and the insights gained will stay with me for a lifetime. So, to all you fellow explorers of the mind, it is up to you to embrace the unknown. 

I hope that the magic of psychedelics and shrooms like Lucid Gates can guide you on a journey toward self-discovery.

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