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Mazatapec Cubensis

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More about Mazatapec Cubensis

Thousands of years ago the Aztecs used Cubensis in their rituals to contact spirits, celestial entities and there higher self. In combination with many natural herbs around them the Aztecs would also drink Theobroma Cacao tea to enhance their spiritual journey.


Our Mazatapec is an oath to those rituals. Depending on your dose, consuming Mazatapec can hit you fast and hard. However, with our micro dose capsules we minimizes the psychedelic effects leaving you with a more uplifted mood and with a better state of mind.


Other effects such as heightened awareness and sense of well being are also common. Mazatapec serves as a mental reset button, fostering a clear and optimistic mindset that encourages users to approach the day with enthusiasm.


On the physical side it's like a boost of vitality, that can promote a desire for movement, making it suitable for activities that demand both mental and physical engagement. When properly grown Mazatapec is known to be on the stronger side can be intense for some.


When choosing this strain as your experience be prepared for its immersive and impactful nature. It's like opting for a rollercoaster ride rather than a leisurely stroll, where the effects are robust and profound. Physically, this strain is like a comforting embrace, as it often induces a strong sense of relaxation throughout the body.


Body sensations that can go from vibrations to the positive sensations to touch that can release tension and promote a sense of tranquility.